How do I become free from the burden of life? Who do I talk to about the pain I feel inside? I would talk to my minister but it might be preached across the pulpit. I thought about telling my friend but I don’t want them to think the worst of me. My parents would not understand and I don’t have any siblings. Guess I’ll just carry this pain till I die.

So often in life people commit suicide because they think there is no one to talk too therefore they go through life burden as a walking time bomb. God always have a ram in the bush or a person that will listen. So often people are quick to judge, when sometimes all the person need is a listening ear. Can they say, I have sinned and not be condemned? Can they say, I just had an abortion and not be judged? How close are you really to your friends, co-workers or loved ones? Can they freely talk to you and know it will remain with you. Many suffer from mental attacks because they of no way to release. The pressure but the wrong way. Hurting people hurt people but you do not have to make that decision. God is love and he cares for you.

Remember, God is always listening and He said to cast all your care over on Him because He cares for you. Let Him lead you to the right place or person and know that you are loved.

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