I have always had a dream to work from home and it started with sewing for a living to raise my son. I could vision an outfit I wanted to create even if the picture on the pattern was different.

My vision changed when my husband was sick and could not work regularly and bills were due. After many tests and trials, tears and prayers, and becoming a single parent, God opened the door.

I did not enter a sewing career but I did walk into the business field. One thing I saw about sewing, there was a pattern already cut into pieces and marked for you to design the outfit. It suggested the type of material to use; and it gave you the size to fit your body. All instructions were there, how to mark it for your darts, zipper and even buttonholes. It would amaze people because I did not go to school for sewing. I had one class in the seventh grade and my creative juices began to flow.

Well, God has a pattern for us to follow and it is in the Bible. We should build or design our lives according to His pattern and it starts with salvation. Asking him to come into your heart and give your life totally to him. Do not let another day go by without designing your life to His pattern. Those plans will lead you to the finish line.

He is waiting on you to say ‘Yes.’

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