Have you ever said “Never Again” then found yourself in the same situation? Too many times, right. ‘Never say never’ because it starts out on a path to repeat. I have even used those words because we really don’t know what we will do in a situation until it presents itself. The price tag has not been offered.

Check your heart. What have you been thinking on then speaking out of your mouth? Until we practice discipline and control our thought life we are on the road to repeat. Discipline is not a curse word. Our parents started instilling discipline in us through our actions. Then our teachers came along and spoke into our lives. Don’t forget the pastor preaching a message about ‘Honor your father and mother so your days would be long.’

It’s the dog’s fault if he bites you the first time but if that joker comes and bite you the second time, it’s your fault. If I repeat this again I didn’t learn from the first occurrence. Do not be ruled by your flesh. Discipline your flesh by meditating on God’s Word. This does not happen overnight but it will happen as we become obedient to focus on the Word of God by giving it first choice over all the things we think.

Joshua 1:8 teaches us what happens when we meditate the Word and we are obedient to do it. We are always thinking on something; why not think on what is good. What good we want to do for others and then make it happen. History repeats itself but when we decide to change, our mind is out and we can go forward in creating the life we want. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

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