What has you boxed in? What are you clothed with that fits too tight, or there is no room to breathe? Whatever it is, it is time to take it off so you can grow and move freely. 

Girdles and shapers were designed to keep you tightly fit in whatever garment you were wearing. Many times, you really could not move as you want or even breathe freely. Sometimes you felt a pinch every now and then because of the tightness. On the other hand, it began to roll out of place. What a pinching agony. I can imagine your thought being, “I can’t wait to get out of these clothes.” Some of you could not get home fast enough so you went straight to the bathroom and off it came. Once it was off, you smiled and maybe shouted THANK YOU!

When we come out of tight situations, we can enjoy a freedom. Maybe the job or career you are presently working in feels a little tight and does not give you room to grow. You are in a relationship that is pacifying you but not promising you anything. Let us say you are serving in a ministry that you are not free to worship or serve, as you believe God is calling you to do. Therefore, you ask yourself, “Why am I still here?

It is time to make that change. Do not spend another day feeling unappreciated, unloved, or unwanted. Seek God in prayer for direction and start learning from where you have been. Your life is a lesson learned and it teaches you and others while on this journey how to fulfill your dream. If it means your preparation is going back to school to grow, do it. If it means using your gift and common sense to gain knowledge, then do it. Do not let another day go by looking at what you do not have. Rather, look at what you do have and pay forward. Shake yourself loose and get out of that trap. Your gift will make room for you

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